Congratulations on your success with Team National. As a Platinum Presidential Director or Above, you have the opportunity to receive an exclusive Platinum Website. This website will allow you to better communicate with your team and those interested in becoming a part of Team National.

With your Platinum Website, you are able to promote events, distribute materials, share videos, provide team call information and newsletters, create photo albums, and receive inquiries.

For Platinum Website updates, submit documentation to

Build your Team National Platinum Website
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    The name provided will appear as your display name. Example: Robert & Donna Fason

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    The email provided will be used for the Contact Us page, this will allow users to contact you about Team National.

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    Choose your websites background and banner theme.  Click on the menu items above to view the different theme options available.

  • Profile Image

    Attach one (1) portrait photo, with a solid or simple background to be used on the home page of your website. (1MB attachment limit)

  • Story

    Provide several paragraphs for your story, including but not limited to your background, the reason for getting involved with Team National, and your journey to Platinum status. Note: All stories are subject to editing by Team National.

  • Upcoming Events

    The Upcoming Events section displays promotions currently taking place within Team National (view Event Locator), as well as any promotions that may be taking place amongst your team.  If you would like your teams current events to appear in this section, list the desired event(s) to be displayed.  Note: Event(s) must be approved by Team National.

  • Building the Business

    The Building the Business section consists of forms and/or any material you would suggest IMDs take a look at that pertain to the business.  Attach the item(s) necessary, with the appropriate title(s).  Example: Platinum Experience 101K Promo, PD Tracking Sheet, Business Building CDs, etc.  Note: All documents must be approved by Team National. (5MB attachment limit)

  • Video(s)

    Choose a video to be displayed on your page.  The video options are About Team National, Road to Financial Freedom, and/or Success Story (if your Success Story has been filmed by Team National).  Note: By default, About Team National will be placed on your page if a video is not selected.

  • Newsletter

    If you would like to have a link to your newsletter, please provide the web address/URL of the sign-up page of your newsletter provider. If you currently do not have a Newsletter, we highly suggest creating an account with Constant Contact.

  • Team Call List

    The Team Call List section consists of any numbers that you feel are important to your teams success, as well as numbers you feel IMDs should have.  Attach document with the approprate title name.  Example: Team Call List or 3-Way Team Call. (5MB attachment limit)

  • Team Call

    If you currently conduct a team call, provide the day, time, number, and code to share with your team.  Example: Tune in to Our Team Call - Monday 8:00PM ET 888-123-4567 Code 54321#.

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